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A number of volunteer positions exist at ISM-Central Michigan that allow our organization to grow and effectively serve our members. We encourage your participation and involvement to help ISM-Central Michigan succeed. Contact the ISM-Central Michigan President for more information on any of these positions.

These descriptions of positions and responsibilities, and the organization's structure are considered guidelines to assist in the successful operation of the affiliate and to promote consistent communication for the purpose of recruitment of board members. These positions and descriptions pertain to the Central Michigan ISM affiliate only as they are currently identified in the existing organization.


The President is the overall head of organization, responsible for leading the affiliate to maintain all financial, operational, educational and community duties as directed by the board of directors and the members of the ISM-Central Michigan affiliate. This position is responsible for the monitoring and recommending to the board of directors, appropriate short and long term changes to correct or redirect persons, projects and goals when areas are not in accord with the best interest of the affiliate. The President is responsible for scheduling and conducting board meetings in timely and efficient manner.

First Vice President, Programs

The First Vice President, Programs is responsible for locating, selecting and facilitate the speaker for the monthly dinner meeting. Coordinates items to support the speakers required material for the presentation.  This position also is the back up to the President in all areas President is responsible. Completes and carries President duties in the President's absence as well as special assignments given by the President. Responsible for the assistance and over sight of Board of Directors in carrying out business duties and assignments. Recommends to the President, appropriate short and long term changes to correct or redirect persons, projects and goals when areas are not in accord with the best interest of the affiliate.

Second Vice President, Membership

The Second Vice President, Membership maintains the information database of all active members of the affiliate. The position processes new member applications and brings to the board for admission approval. The position also removes those member records that no longer qualify to be member of the ISM-Central Michigan affiliate. Communication of membership levels will be handled on as required basis and identification of suggested enrollment programs.  This position also coordinates Satellite Seminars.


The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records in accordance with the standard business and accounting rules as governed by the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Michigan for not for profit organizations, as well as ISM rules and regulations. The treasurer will also execute this duty consistently, documenting and reporting at least monthly to the board the statement of record of all financial balances The treasurer will also file the annual Federal Income Tax in the required and described dates.


Secretary is responsible for the documentation of meeting minutes of the board meeting as well as other official gathering of officers or board members. The secretary will also distribute these minutes to the board members and make necessary adjustments and secure approval. The secretary will maintain the minutes for the last 5 years and provide these minutes to appropriate personnel as requested.

Directors at Large

Responsible for carrying out special assignments as assigned by the President on an as needed basis. May be asked to fill temporary vacancies until such time the position is filled or deemed additional assistance is no longer warranted.